Wednesday, December 1, 2010

...or Get Off the Pot

In yesterday's post, I summarised an e-mail exchange with P:

...I wrote "I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the correct size. :)" to which he replied "I would say that all of DC saw that you paid close attention to detail.  ;-)"

So I think that thread's done.  I don't really have an answer to his last comment.  I do reserve the right to think up a comment.

I thought up a comment.

I should let it lie, but I have a tendency to beat things to death.  In this case, I'm letting it die, bringing it back to life, and beating it to death again.  I wrote:

Hey ~ I didn't want to look stupid.  I was O'Donnell, so I had free rein to act stupid, but not look stupid.  I do wonder how many people thought I was a girl.  Probably not many.

I'm not sure I understand his response, but I am absolutely definitely positively going to not respond.

Any comments I make are certainly in jest.  I would say that everyone not only got the joke, I am sure they were impressed with how you put "her" all together.  It was a *great* costume, and you should proud - I guess ;-)

I'm not sure.  Does he think my comments are not in jest?  Does he know and not want to step over the line and insult me, but also not want to encourage me?  "I guess ?"  If everyone "got the joke" then he's saying everyone knew I was a guy.  Right?  Or is he saying everyone knew I was Christine.

Maybe I should reply.

I'm just afraid that the next response has to be "it's something I do, sometimes" and, well, I'm just afraid.  Enough readers have expressed the same do-not-do-this that I will not do this.


  1. Hi, can I just add my "don't do this" to all the others, of course I don't know P like you do, but I suspect that if he had wanted to go further, know more he would have asked. Ok maybe he would have asked obliquely, but I think it would have been clear, afterall you are very sensitive to every nuance. Don't do anything that may make you both uncomfortable and risk friendships unless you are sure.

    Recently I bumped into an old friend while dressed, I'm still not sure just how comfortable or uncomfortable he is with this, but at least it does not seem to havet damaged a friendship we have enjoyed since at primary school together, although I am worried about how he & his wife see me now.

  2. Meg, it's time to leave sleeping dogs lay. Think of the positives You truely went out en femme, And had a GREAT DAY! You wife was not in any way afraid of being with you. BIG POSITIVE! When you returned your boys didn't freck, and seemed to follow the idea of: "it's just something dad did or does". you can work your friendship with P in the future. Remember, unfortunately right now you still have responsibilities to you family but, soon as you are ready (down the future trail) you can retire, (I remembered your age) then your Meg days can happen without significant complications. I know you want come out, but, it's better to go slow. Now might be the time to start asking the wife about a future New Year's costume party. Just to see her reactions.

  3. I agree with Paul that you should just let this go without further comment. As you acknowledge, you do tend to beat things to death. Stop before it goes that far and costs you a friend.
    I am enjoying your blog and experiences so keep up the good work.

  4. Watching you and P burning your brain cells voraciously reading between the lines of your email jousting may be the greatest focus of pure mental energy since the Bobby Fischer/Boris Spassky Chess World Championship in Iceland in 1973.

    I recommend you throttling back a touch. Being CD, like we are, is something that is with us 24/7. Being CD is always in our mind and part of our consciousness. We keep our CD nature in check and under control most of the time while we go about our daily lives.
    P, on the other hand, being a long time friend who lives 4 hours away from you thinks about you like many of us think about many of our friends and acquaintances...often...sproadically, casually and relationship focused.

    Obsessing about what may exist between P and Meg may not be a good use of your energy. P is friends with Meg's other half. He may prefer that. My suggestion is to let things take their own course. I see no need or benefit to 'Meg' stretching the envelope on this relationship at this time.


  5. Dear Meg,
    Please don't pay so much attention to P's know, we know and probably he knows you were fantastic as looked beautiful...probably he is impressed and avoid say it.
    Maria Victoria

  6. Meg
    As if 5 comments advising you to leave it for now are not enough, I am going to add my comment that I agree with everyone else. I have just come out to my wife and a wise CD who has been out for a long time advised me to take things slowly. I advise you to do the same with your friends. However, I have enjoyed reading the exchanges and I hope that you had fun with them rather than causing you stress.


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