Monday, October 13, 2014

Check Front AND Back

Last Friday, I followed the same routine I do most days before I go to work.

I check the shirt I'll be wearing.

If it's heavy "enough," I put on a bra and camisole under my shirt.

If not, I put on a bra and tank top, often a white tank top if I don't have one that more-or-less matches the shirt.

After I put on the cami or tank I check in the mirror to make sure it's even and the bra straps are (at least mostly) under the other straps.  I adjust as necessary.

But right before I was leaving I looked in the mirror, front and back and this style tank clearly did not hide the bra straps.  The went way wide of the tank back and were easily visible.

I don't worry about odd tanks, like if they're racerbacks or something.  Under a shirt they're mostly not noticable.  But this was different.

It was time to go.  I could change shirts but it occurred to me that nobody looks to see if a guy's bra straps are showing.  Girls' straps, yes.  Guys, no.

I went to work.

But I'll check front and back in the future.

(ps, Friday the 13th falls on a Monday this month!  Be careful.)


  1. Someone recently commented on Facebook that Halloween falls on Friday the 13th this year.

    I guess it does if you're dyslexic. :-P

  2. Do you think anybody noticed your straps?


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