Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Keep On Truckin'

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After I returned from four Meg days at the beach (here and through the end of September), Annie added a comment, asking if I would have kept going if I had the opportunity.

I wrote something to the effect that said basically "Yes!  No!  I don't know."

While at the beach, I didn't have any boy clothes, but I had a fallback.  I could chuck the wig, clean off my makeup and buy a t-shirt and shorts.  I could put on my contacts instead of my girl glasses.  I only had sandals and flip-flops and if I really had to, I could remove my finger and toenail polish.  Or I could just leave them on and ignore anyone's opinion of the guy with the unusual glasses and painted nails.

I didn't.

Every day started with a very close facial and chest shave.  After four days, I would have needed to either cover or shave arms, hands, legs, and feet.

But if I found out I could stay another day or four I would have.

I don't know what my limit is.  I don't know if it would matter if it was a Minnesota winter or Florida summer or New York spring.

I think one day (or one week or one month) I'll find out.  Right now, I'm quite happy with the four-day memories.  It wasn't too long and it wasn't too short, although I didn't want to change back when I got home.

What I learned: four days is not too long.  I may never find out what is.

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