Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Another Shirt Fail

About yesterday's post: Jen asked if I thought anyone noticed.  I really didn't care.  I liked the fact that I could easily tell, and next time I'll check, but I didn't care, and I will continue to not care.

Also, today is the first tights day of the season.  Not so much because it's that cold, but I don't have socks that match my shirt and I have tights that are close.

I have a shirt I really like.  It's a button-down LL Bean shirt that is striped, as many men's shirts are, but with some subtle pastel colours.  It has a pocket; many women's shirts do not but I don't think anyone's attention has been drawn to that.  It's the only shirt I've ever worn that someone has complimented me on.

And it's "heavy enough" that I can wear anything I want underneath.  Almost.  I don't think I could get away with, say, a black cami, but white, pink, beige, light purple vanish underneath.

To answer an e-mail question on yesterday's post, yes if I bend down you can see the straps through pretty much any shirt I wear.  As I mentioned yesterday nobody looks for bra straps on a guy.  I don't worry about when I'm, say, leaning over a sink in the loo.

A couple of weeks ago, I was wearing that shirt with a bra and pink strappy cami underneath.  I had an after-work mission.  I had to pick up Charity at the airport and then get groceries.

I went to the cell phone waiting area and did whatever it is people do there (pretty much "wait until the arriving passenger calls"). 

I needed a tissue.  I keep a box in the back seat.

I reached into the back seat and heard a tear.

I looked down and saw that the shirt sleeve had torn.  Not the seam, but opposite the seam where the pleat is when you iron a shirt (or if it's wrinkle-resistant, as this one was).

The tear went from shoulder to elbow.

If one would make an effort, my underthings were visible.  If one didn't, they weren't.

It was a cool morning and I wore a jacket.  I thought I could just put my jacket on, even though the day had warmed up a bit, and that would be that.

Except I dropped my jacket off at the office cleaners that morning to have a torn pocket repaired and have it cleaned.  No jacket.

When Charity called, I said I had "a slight tear in my shirt.  You probably won't even notice it."
Somehow, she noticed.

I thought of going home to change first but again, no-one's looking at a guy's undergarments.  I stuck to schedule.

The shirt is now a button source and dustrag but I REALLY liked that shirt.


  1. There are days when I need to wear a suit and the typical guy's white shirt, even with an undershirt, makes wearing a bra and cami a bit too risky for me. I have done it on occasion when I did not expect too much close contact. The rest of the time we are office casual (no t shirts or jeans) and in the summer I will often wear a golf shirt that by itself would be too thin to wear a bra or cami with certain disclosure.
    We are now getting to that time of year when I will be wearing heavier tops and I will be wearing my bra and on occasion a cami or slip. I also have a small pair of chicken cutlet breast enhancers that I will wear from time to time. If I think that they are too obvious for office wear I will wear them on the commute.
    I always wear pantyhose under my slacks. When it is sheer pantyhose (beige, nude, tan) I will cover them with guy socks. In the cooler weather I will go for opaques or tights and will on occasion skip the socks.


    1. LOSE THE SOCKS, Pat.

      Have you ever noticed how sometimes your pants ride up and you can see leg above the top of the sock? What looks weirder, tights or hose, or something above the sock?

  2. I find myself being ever aware of pant leg drift and do everything I can to avoid the pant leg riding above the sock.
    I am slowly (like everything in my 'T' evolution) ditching the socks. I think I am slowly evolving towards the deep end of the "Don't Care" pool. For now it is socks over hose for work but when I am out with my wife I will often only show an ankle clad in hosiery.

    1. Really... don't you have better things to do than "being ever aware of pant leg drift?" Like wondering if your bra straps show? :)

      When I wore tights the other day, a (female) co-worker said "awesome socks!" Nuff said.


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