Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Once more, proof that gender is a spectrum and there's always room.  The thing I find interesting is, the Washington Post published this.  It kind of makes me think someone in the newsroom said "stories about transgenders are becoming 'dog bites man' stories.  We need something more here."

When no gender fits: A quest to be seen as just a person

Follow the link above for the full article.  Here's the start:

Kelsey scans the wall of T-shirts in Five Below, one of the few stores to qualify as “quirky” in this conservative part of western Michigan. “Let’s Have a Party,” a shirt reads, near displays of body glitter and $5 leggings. “Warning: Prone to Shenanigans,” reads another, and after less than a minute, it’s clear the store doesn’t have what Kelsey is looking for, because no place ever does, at least not around here.

“I think I might have to make you a gay shirt,” Kelsey’s friend Kahri offers as they walk out of the store. “Or not a gay shirt, but — you know.”


What Kelsey Beckham really wants is a shirt that communicates something very specific about its wearer. Not about gayness, or anything to do with sexual orientation, but about gender. A shirt that says the wearer is something many people aren’t familiar with: Not a he. Not a she. Not a male transitioning to a female, or a female transitioning to a male. A shirt explaining that Kelsey, 18, doesn’t identify with any gender at all.

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