Monday, October 6, 2014

You've All Seen This, I'm Sure

You've probably heard about this show on Amazon Prime.  It's a series of 10 half-hour shows about a father who comes out as transgendered to his family.  I have not seen it; reviews (such as this one) have said it portrays the main character in a positive light.

I am updating this because Alice pointed out that I am an idiot and did not mention the name, which makes the jokes at the end kind of pointless.

The show is called "Transparent."

Alas, as I said, it's on Amazon Prime which I do not have.  And it costs $100 to join, which I also do not have.  Actually, I don't consider the other benefits worth the money and I don't want to throw money at Amazon, until they
change some of their current (bullying) policies towards some book publishers.  The first episode is free, and I will watch that.

All episodes were released last weekend.  If anyone binge-watches, I'd be curious to know what you think.

And if it's successful, don't miss next season's rip-off about a sibling who comes out as transgender ("Transistor") or the children and grandchildren who all come out as transgender ("Transcendent").

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  1. Just out of curiosity, did you intentionally not mention the name of the series anywhere in this post? :-)


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