Thursday, October 9, 2014

I'm Famous!

Well, not so much, really.  And the wealth that goes with it is commensurate.

I have a google alert for "call me Meg" because, well, why not?  I get quite a few hits that have nothing to do with me, and an occasional mention of me elsewhere.

About three weeks ago I had the following hit:
      Finger lickin Lacquer Call me Meg from the Family...
      Life of a Mad Typer - Tumblr 
      Finger lickin Lacquer Call me Meg from the Family don't end with Blood Collection Swatch and Review

which linked here (indirectly).

It seems there is a tv show called "Supernatural."  There is a demon on the show named Meg, and she's famous, not me.

The link went to a review for a nail polish called "Call Me Meg," inspired by the Meg character in Supernatural.  It's part of the "Family don't end with blood" Collection by a little company with the cute name "Finger Lickin' Lacquer."

The review stated "Call me Meg is another holo (I just adore them so much!!!!) This is a aqua holo that smells like cucumber melon."

OK, I didn't know what a holo nail polish is and I had never heard of scented nail polish.  I've also never considered myself much of a blue nail polish girl, but I literally could NOT resist buying this.

Ans a week later I had a bottle of Call Me Meg in my hands (you know ~ the hands with the naked nails).

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