Friday, October 10, 2014

Call Me Meg: The Nail Polish

Yesterday I wrote about discovering the Call Me Meg nail polish from Finger Lickin Lacquer.

It came in a cute pink padded envelope, securely bubble wrapped.  And Jennifer (the owner of FLL) personalised the invoice.  I love girly surprises like that.  I've never ordered, say, a power supply and found a note from the shop owner.  That's their business card sitting on the top right of the invoice.

There was another surprise inside the package....  I didn't know that it's kind of traditional (I know ~ short tradition) to include a little something with Etsy packages.  There was a tiny bag of candy in mine.

You might know I'm partial to small shops (remember the slide transfer company I wrote about).

You might also know I'm not a shill, but I don't generally pan

companies.  (One is coming though.)  I believe "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything" although I will warn y'all if I encounter a ripoff firm.  I don't want other people to make my mistakes (but I make so many informing y'all would be a full-time job).

This is very cool nail polish.  Look close at the nails (below) ~ it has a subtle glitter that is smooth and even.  It DOES have a slight fragrance of cucumber melon which stays with the nails for a long time.  It's Cool to smell the organics, then as it dries the new aroma takes over.
It took three coats to get a complete cover, which I don't think is unreasonable.  I didn't use a topcoat on my toes yet the colour is still fresh and unchipped after two weeks (admittedly, toes are a lot less, um, busy than fingers).

Since I don't get to keep fingernail polish on for many days in a row, Charity put them on her fingers, with a topcoat.  The next day the polish was pretty well beaten up but that's normal ~ a day as a vet tech will rip up any fingernail polish in a few hours.

Her co-workers enjoyed the fragrance too.  It is definitely something new for nail polish.  The fragrance stayed as long as the polish did.

The price is right ($8.50 + shipping).  It's sold through Etsy, which means you need an Etsy account.

Like many Etsy businesses, it's a small company (Jennifer and her husband), which, to me, is a plus.  I'd rather shop at a (literal) mom-and-pop than a Mallwart.

I'm mostly an OPI gal.  I love their colours and durability, but again, mom-and-pop vs OPI?  Finger Lickin' Lacquer will get future orders from me (our nail polish box needs culling first).  Scan the site and try some for yourself.

Tell them Meg (the demon) made you do it. :)

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  1. Meg that is a beautiful color! My girlfriend loves blues with a bit of green tint.


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