Thursday, October 16, 2014

Keep On Tuckin'

A few years ago, I ordered a gaff.  I wanted to try one but never had.  Because the company stinks, I never did.  I'll write about that in a month or so.

I don't tuck and avoid skirts that would require it.  I have some tight panties and control garments that can facilitate, um, keeping things in place when needed but I have a few skirts and dresses that are marked "NOT FOR GOING OUT" because they show what should not be shown, unless you're taking an Anthony Weiner selfie.
Shop sign in Duck, NC

A few weeks ago, I received an unsolicited e-mail from someone at a company called "TransLingerie."

They are a Spanish company and they offered to send me one of their gaffs gratis.  Two weeks later, I had a small package containing a brand new black gaff.

It looks a trifle... I won't call it scary.  I'll say "uncomfortable."  That's always been a problem with gaffs.  I don't like the idea of thongs and all of the ones I've seen are thongs or thong-y.

I tried it on and it does hold well and it, alas, does do what thongs do.

I will give it a test next time I'm going out.  I'm not sure if I'll give it a trial-by-fire (like, wear it with a Really Tight dress I bought in New York last time I was up there) but I will give it a try and report here.


  1. For the benefit of all who might need to use such a device, do remember to do as sumo wrestlers do; put the boys back up the inguinal canal each descended through way back when. Makes tucking way more comfortable.

  2. I am curious what your report will be Meg, as I have tried one or two and have hated them! So good tuck! (ha-ha)

  3. Meg -

    There is a trick to tucking and being comfortable. But even when you know it (it's learned by trial and error), it is a little clumsy - especially immediately after getting out of the shower.

    Knowing how to tuck gave me a greater number of wardrobe choices - including wearing leggings, something I'd never do without a good tuck. The other day, I went into NYC with a female friend and we were discussing how I hide my equipment so well, and I described the mechanics of tucking. We were in a situation where both of us felt comfortable with me showing her a flat front (and not my equipment) by me pulling up my skirt, showing my tights and equipment tucked down into place, hidden by panties. She was surprised that I could have a flat front.

    BTW - Halle identified how one can make a good tuck comfortable....



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