Thursday, October 2, 2014

Be Careful Out There!

After I returned from my beach trip a month ago, I reluctantly went to work the following day.  I did stay dressed as long as I could, to stretch out my world-record-Meg-time.

We have a morning meeting every week whether we need it or not, and during the meeting I rubbed my eye.  I glanced at my finger which had flecks of black on it.  Uh-oh.

I checked my eyes in the bathroom mirror after the meeting ~ I did a HORRIBLE job of removing my eye makeup the night before!  There were dots of mascara on my lashes and liner on my lower lids.

Ah well.

I didn't avoid people, although I don't know what I'd say if anyone asked "are you wearing eye makeup?"  I thought I might buy a few seconds of thinking time if someone asked "do I see eye makeup on you?" by replying "I don't know.  You might be hallucinating.  Do you have a history of that?"

Along the same line, yesterday I was wearing a thinish blue shirt today.  I check before I go out (or try to) and I wore a bra (one that kind of fits the little I have) and a blue tank top under the shirt to cover the thinner straps.

I try to check to ensure the bra is on properly and the straps are covered.  Yesterday, I not only forgot I really should have checked.  In the mirror at work, from the back, there was clearly the tank top portion (normal-looking for a guy) and the thin bra strap nearby.

I say again ~ ah well.  The worst that can happen is, it'll start a conversation.  The best that can happen is, it'll start a conversation.


  1. Perhaps the worst that can happen is that it will start a conversation that you are not privy to.

    We have all had our close calls. Over the past few years I have been wearing a bra and slip in the winter when I thought that the thickness of the t-shirt and over shirt would cover the straps. That does not help if you are given a hug or even a slap on the back. On one or two occasions I have had an odd look but no comments.

    I do wear pantyhose almost every day and work to pay attention to keeping my pant leg down to cover the top of my socks but at this point wearing pantyhose is so unconscious to me that I may lapse in my vigilance from time to time.

    There was one time when I came home from a round of golf and my wife pointed out that the mascara and eye liner I had worn the night before was still visalbe. I was just fortunate that my golf buddies were more interested in the match than my face.

  2. Sometimes it seems like you WANT to get caught. Why don't you just come out at work and be done with it? Who knows, you might be able to wear dresses to work.

  3. I've made that mistake more than a few times, and a couple times on purpose.

  4. I had that mascara problem when I was experimenting at home when I was a teen. My mother caught me. She was not happy.


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