Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Doin' That Columbus Day Drag

Monday was a federal holiday.  I work in a federal facility and the building was, effectively, closed.  Government employees were off.  To me, that mostly means the escalators are not running, no-one is cleaning the restrooms every ten minutes, and, alas, there is no coffee available for blood nor money.

I went in, mostly because it's quiet and I can get a lot of work done without meetings, e-mails, etc.  I can just focus, which is where I like to be.

Normally, I wear "office casual."  I eschew ties, and I wear sneakers pretty much daily.  There's no

real dress code and there are generally three types of people at meetings: women, men with ties, and me.

I took advantage of no customers or government overlords on Columbus Day and went "all girl."  I wore women's denim jeans and denim shirt.  I had my usual women's undies and socks.  Girl bracelet and choker necklace (which I sometimes wear to work or out anyway), and the women's rings I normally wear.

But the shirt covers a multitude of sin so I wore my bra and a strappy camisole underneath.  But I thought I'd go for a little extra.

I have access to "chicken cutlets," silicon push-up pads that add a little extra.

I wore the cutlets.  I mean, why not?

I think, for the most part, they didn't show at all, but I also swapped out my usual tote for my crossbody bag and when I wore it properly it kind of emphasised my little extra.

It was a nice feeling to be a bit more femme at work than normal.  it was a nice feeling I may repeat.

At the very least I will come Veteran's Day.


  1. As the cooler weather comes in I will be back wearing heavier shirts and sweaters and will be back wearing bras and slips/camis under my tops along with the pantyhose under my slacks.
    I also have some 'chicken cutlets'. Depending on the thinkness of my top I will wear them in the office, or not. Even if I do not wear them in the office I will often slip them into my bra for the ride to or from work. The seatbelt crossing my chest does have the effect you noted with your cross body strap.

  2. Meg -

    Unlike you, I choose NOT to mix the genders when it comes to clothing. But I am careful in different ways.

    Have people noticed your blending of the genders when it comes to your male presentation?



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