Thursday, October 30, 2014

Timeline II, Part I: Penny

(I want to reiterate that the events in Timeline I are not recent, but recent past.  The end was almost exactly two years ago.)

Y'all might notice a change in the subject.  It now refers to Timeline II, and the next four will as well.

Prior to Fall 2011, where my timeline started, I was friends with someone I knew as 'Penny Perfect'.

As with many in the community, I do call her a friend yet we had never met and I did not know her birth name.  Often, I worry that something will happen to an on-line friend, whether in a group or just far away and I'll never know.  That's a problem in need of a solution.

I did know a lot of her story: She lived in Memphis.  She was married to a supportive, even helpful, wife.  She had no children.  She was involved with the community, but on her own terms.

She was also confused about the direction of her life and troubled in other ways.  I tried to be supportive as well, but it's like being friends with someone who's having a rocky relationship.  When they break up, you want to say "good riddance" but they'll be back together in a week and she'll hate you for badmouthing her boyfriend.

It's difficult, but I thought Penny was worth it so I walked on eggshells when necessary and worked with her when I could.

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  1. That part regarding worrying about on-line friends is so true! That's why in my Tumblr blog, I post if I'm going on a trip, so that people won't wonder if something terrible has happened to me. I don't do it on Facebook, though, because it would be too easy to figure out where I live.


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