Friday, October 24, 2014

Timeline I, Part III: Give Me a Break

During therapy, I changed jobs.  The events were unrelated.

My old job was fine but the scope and target were changing and I had an option to lead the Arizona part of the work or be part of the Virginia team.  There was a lead in Arizona who would have been pushed aside and I didn't think that was right, but in Virginia I was sorely underutilised.

In retrospect, I left at the right time.  The contract was rebid, I was working for a subcontractor which decided to mutiny.  They lost the bid, and they lost their subcontract role.  All of the people from that company were told to go home.  Again, part of the series of events that got me where I am today, at this moment.

During my next job job interview, I was asked where I lived and I said that was an interesting question because I was looking to move out for a bit (I had suggested six months to the therapist) and I explained briefly what was going on in my life.

Shortly after starting, my manager told me he was planning to retire and was going to look for a place to live in Colorado.  He'd be taking an extended trip out there and would like to have a housesitter.  Since I was considering moving out for a while, it might be synergistic.

Sometimes, the universe looks out for you.  I still attribute things that work well to my personal muse, Thalia (the traditional muse of comedy).  She's been looking out for me for a long time and continues to have my back.  I'm sure she nudged me into accepting therapy, changing jobs, mentioning that I want to get out for a while....  I don't think I would have made that final admission without a nudge from somewhere.

During our next therapy session I told my wife that I had an empty house to move into for a while and I would be doing so.  I'd bring my computer, some clothes, and a LOT of Meg.  I planned to play a bit but I also planned to a LOT of writing.  Writing has always helped to clear my mind and solve problems.  I am a huge believer in stream-of-consciousness writing.  I had a bunch of prompts I had come up with to work from and a minimum time I would write each day.

I was hopeful.

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  1. Hey Meg!

    What an interesting glimpse into events but mostly, your thoughts and feelings about this amazing journey you are on.
    I also highly recommend using writing to help to clear the mind and solve problems. I don't want to even imagine life without that outlet these days.
    Looking forward to your posts even more than ever these days! :-D

    Hugs, Halle


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