Thursday, April 12, 2012

Therapy the Fifth

I really have nothing to report, at least as pertains to the blog.

There was no t-content in the hour.  It was my wife's show; I barely said a word

The issues revolved around, mostly, my MiL, with whom my wife is having major issues right now.  We touched upon my mother, who my wife thinks I should be haviing issues with and doesn't understand why I don't.  Weird, huh?

Two little things:

I noticed last time that, as we leave, the therapist likes to put her hand on our shoulder, kind of guiding each of us out of the office.  So I made sure I was wearing a strappy camisole under my shirt.  Just to, you know, remind her why I'm there. :)


Why do I consistently type "therpaist"  when I mean "therapist?"  Almost every time, I have to go back and swap the p and a.  I don't know if this is a common finger misfire or not.  I know most UNIX gurus have a file that automatically changes grpe to grep (a common UNIX utility) because everyone seems to type grpe often enough that it's frustrating without the little hiccup-fixer.


  1. The "pa/ap" thing ~

    I assume you're a touch typist: The p and a keys are both "pinky" keys, your weakest finger. But the p is on the right hand (presumably your dominant hand) and the a is on the left. I suppose the natural tendency is that the right pinky strikes first in this combination.

  2. Now I am going to type 'which grpe' as soon as I get in to work to see if anyone set that up on our server!

  3. I think she puts her hand on your shoulder to make you "feel" more connected to her.

  4. It is the fun little things you are connecting - there's some further humor in there somehow related to gender....

    And now you have me thinking of what ALIASES (who am I impersonating anyway!) that I have in my startup file (for those who use .cshrc, ha!)....

    -I've got h for lots of history.... maybe there's a story in there

    -CD, cd and cD are in there (who might THEY be?)

    -and maybe some useful things for some cousins and inlaws on jobs, dogs killing jobs (alias k9 'kill -9 \!*'), etc!

    So maybe you can tell the therpaist next time you have an Alias that includes CDs, push, pop and all things word, gender, and inlaw-related


    PS - hope to see you on April 17 or 18?

  5. I like the therpaist way more than therapist because I can see a very serious criminal in the last.


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