Friday, April 20, 2012

I See How It Starts

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As I mentioned, I've been glossing my lips.  The Clinique gloss I bought most recently comes in a little hard plastic tube with a crimped end which has sharp edges ~ not pocket friendly.  The Chanel gloss is in a fairly long tube ~ maybe six inches long and wide enough that it looks like I'm bragging when I sit down.

I put on the gloss in the morning and touch up during the day, so I carry a tube in my pants pocket.  I have to go to the men's room to reapply, which is inconvenient, and it means if there are other guys in there I have to skip the application and try again later.  Same thing if the cleaning lady has shut the bathroom so she can do her job.

So the next logical thing is to carry a mirror.  I do have a lock on my office door, and that would mean I could re-apply there.  The easiest way is to get either a makeup mirror that closes, or to carry a compact.  That means a two- or three-inch square flat box will have to go into my pocket as well.  It'll look like I'm carrying a pack of condoms.

If I'm carrying a compact instead of a mirror, I probably need to wipe the powder off the mirror occasionally.  I do carry a handkerchief but tissues would be better so I don't get makeup on the hanky ~ hard to explain if I need it for other purposes.  I also take a tissue to the bathroom in case I'm sloppy with the gloss (I try to be careful).

So now, in addition to the necessities of 21st century life (house keys, car keys, wallet, cel phone... and I usually carry breaath mints (coffee and me up close is a bad combination) and it's convenient for me to have one or two flash drives on me) I now have a tube of gloss, tissues, and a compact.  And that handkerchief I mentioned.  And maybe some change.

If I happen to develop a hole in a pocket, then I have one less pocket to jam it all into.

I might as well carry a small bag, like a clutch or a small gadget bag or an oversize camera bag.

Except that's kind of awkward.  Fanny packs are easy to carry but not very office-friendly.  Something that can just hang on your shoulder would be ideal.

We all know what we really need, once we take our first step onto that slippery slope called "cosmetics."

We need a trip to the Coach store.


  1. Women figured this out several generations ago.

  2. I have a white canvas shoulder bag, a bit like a satchel, that I often use when in semi drab, after all my denim jacket has no useful pockets (I can just fit a small mobile in the breast pocket, and that is the only pocket there is) and the pockets on my lady's jeans are too small for anything other than a hankie. I have three pairs of slacks, none of them have pockets so I have to wear a jacket or carry a bag. No one bothers commenting that I carry a "handbag" any more.

  3. Lessee, you're wearing makup in drab, you're thinking about carrying a purse for all yopur "essentials", you thing you know you'll transition.

  4. Tumi. I have a couple of Tumi bags. Their male messenger bags have feminine lines-I have one that has baby blue satin lining. Their women's bags are not overtly feminine like say a Coach bag (although that is what we all would prefer, huh?)

  5. If your wearing lipgloss for everyone to see, then i dont see its a big deal if people see you reapplying it in the restroom.

    It sounds like you want to 'out' yourself? ;)

  6. I think everyone should carry a bag that reflects their personality. My own coach bag I consider REALLY gender neutral... I'll be happy to loan it to you :)

  7. I think you should get that bag! I was walking around with some lipstick in my pocket the other day, lol. Kinda a hard thing in your pocket, no?
    Don't forget your pads, sweets!


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