Monday, April 23, 2012

Big Sister is Watching

And taking  names.

I've made many friends since I started my blog.  Most are in the US.  At least one is on the European mainland, a few are in the UK, and one reader resides in New Zealand.

I'd love to be able to build a private database of who and where you are.  I'd like to do some travelling as Meg ~ the way my current job stands, I may not be travelling any more, not even to Tucson.  So I plan to propose to my wife that I (Meg) do a little solo holiday next year.  And I'd like the opportunity to meet at least a few of my until-then-online-only friends.

So if you'd like to drop me a note at with your city (or what city you're near, if you're off the beaten path), I can put everything into a file and see how I can best spend my time.  If you'd like to include something like "we can meet in drab only" or "I have to be in drab only" or "my job takes me to Anaheim, Azusa, and Cucamonga so maybe we can meet there" feel free.

Again, this is just for me ~ it won't be in the blog, it won't be shared with anyone else, it won't even be printed.  I may write to the readers I hope to meet and when my plans are firmed up say who I'll meet.  With permission, of course.

Yes, I do know where some of you are already, but it's all scattered throughout my e-mail.  This would help me a lot.

And even if it's a long trip, I hope to meet all three of you. :D


  1. Portland Oregon, we have a really active Transgender group here

  2. You've seen "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves" so you know that Nottingham is less than a day's walk from Dover, so London and Nottingham in a day will be just fine. Come to London ~ you knwo you want to......


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