Sunday, April 8, 2012

Anyone Remember Her?

(first off, Happy Holiday!  I'd guess 90+% of my readers are celebrating one of the two major spring holidays, and I hope you're enjoying family no matter which way you lean.  And I hope you get to spruce up your spring outfit in some little hidden sort of way.)

I can't seem to shake this non-computer virus I've picked up.  All I have the energy for is one Keith Knight kartoon.  Keith does the K Kronicles, The Knight Life, and at least one other strip I can't recall the name of.  I had one of his cartoons in an earlier post ~ the only t-sorta cartoon I ever saw him do.  Maybe I should drop him a note and encourage him.

I have many strips that I saved on-line, and many others that I cut from the Funny Times (a great print monthly if you like to laugh.  Not so great if your politics lean right ~ the editor's politics lean left).

This one's about a local girl who made headlines a while back and was the subject of a Tom Paxton song!


  1. WOW! wonder how many readers remember her! It's funny how history is marked with her name but what was her husband's name? aw! gee! was it, Shorty? (it was john)


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