Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alas, It's Only Radio

The House Of Unspeakable Secrets
Anthology / Comedy / Horror
The House of Unspeakable secrets is a British program of comedy horror, presented in an anthology format.  Written by Earnest Dudley for British actor Leslie Phillips in 1967, the program was presented in eight parts.

I listened to this during my commute a couple of weeks ago.  It was far from horror; more like a detective or spy mystery.  And it the comedy was all of the wry British sort (subtle) ~ which I do enjoy.

Episode 5, Cold Blood, dealt with the hero, a hairdresser who's been pressed into service as a spy, being told he would need to dress as Marie Antoinette  for a fancy-dress ball.  He was adamantly against it, and they found a woman to take the role.

In episode 6, Behind the Mask, the lady injured her foot and the hero found himself without an alternative and he had to attend the party as Marie Antoinette after all.

And, as I said, alas, it's radio.  I love radio shows ~ drama, comedy, horror, variety ~ they're all fun.  Radio was called the "theatre of the mind."  Fred Allen referred to television as "theatre of the mindless."

Currently, I'm listening to a "Lights Out" episode, one of the many scary (well times have changed) radio shows.  I don't expect any t-content.

Are there any OTR (old time radio) fans out there?

By the way, it seems the whole series is available here.  But it wasn't very good.  Hey, there are good shows and bad shows.  I never know what's what until I listen.  But if you want a good show, grab a copy of Three Skeleton Key with Vincent Price.  No t-content.  But close your eyes and imagine the action as you see fit.  Then you might stay awake for a night or two afterwards.


  1. You might enjoy this, not "old" radio, but I loved this show when it was on.


  2. YES! I love radio mystery theatre! There are also some good CBC (Canadian) radio shows out there. (Also some not-so-good, but what else is new?)

  3. Alien Worlds too! A Leonard Nimoy production.

  4. Not on topic, but I wanted to wish you a joyous Pesach, Meg!


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