Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This stopped me in my tracks a few days ago.  I saw the subject first and thought it was from Zappos or Ideeli or something.

It was from my college son.

I half expected to find a note like:

Dad, I needed a shoebox and all of yours have pumps in them.  I was wondering why.

Instead, imagine my relief when I read:

I'm trying to find a pump that can pump chocolate and is pretty quiet.  Do you have any ideas?

He's doing some construction assist for a production of Willy Wonka and is trying to solve the problem of sailing through a chocolate stream.


  1. I can almost feel your heart in your throat!

  2. It never occurred to me ~ he might have written "Dad, I want to get a pair of pumps. What size should I be looking at? I tried the same size as my regular shoes, but they do NOT fit at all!"

  3. Phew, I suppose a concrete pump would be a bit OTT

  4. First he needs to know howm much flow he needs then he needs to know how high he needs to pump the chocolate. It doesn't sound like much flow would be required so maybe a Peristaltic Pump flowing about a half liter per minute might work. You can get one of these at for about $200.

  5. Turns out, chocolate fountains use augers, not pumps. He did his research. Although I do have a nice pair of chocolate pumps he might be able to use. :D


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