Friday, April 6, 2012

Bras for the One Percent

I wanted to get a bra in the size suggested by the wonderful ladies in Alice Rae's in Tucson, as I wrote about here.  She said I might want to try a 36D instead of 38C.  I wanted to get a 36C and a 36D, to kind of hedge my bets.  The problem, as many of us know, is that bras are expensive.

Macy's had bras and panties on clearance.  I had a little time after work to shop.  The ad in the paper said bras were $6.99 ($9.99 after the sale) and panties were $2.99 ($3.99 after the sale).  Another newspaper ad implied that the sale would go on through the weekend, but the ad I was looking at said "last day" and it was today's newspaper and I wouldn't be able to shop until the next day.

Even $9.99 was a good price.

I looked around and found the clearance rack.  On the way there were a lot of "buy two, get two free" but I didn't need four bras, especially at $30+ each.  I saw some "buy one, get one free" but they weren't in a style I thought I could support (HA!).

So I looked at the clearance rack.

Did you know they make "E" bras?  There was one on the rack: 32E.  Yes, 32.

There were 36A, 32DDD, 44B, and "Medium" and "Small," whatever they were.

No two bras were alike.  I thought I was shopping for snowflakes.  And no bra was one the average woman would wear.  I admit, I did want to meet the woman who said "YES!  A 32DDD!  Just my size!" :)

Padded bras, bras with inserts, demi bras, full coverage bras, soft bras, sports bras, underwire bras, all in sizes I didn't know existed.  I think if you took 100 random women and said "here's the clearance rack.  Find your bra" one would come away with a prize.

The other 99% of us are, as usual, out of luck.

I ignored the panty rack, but I did see that Vanity Fair, in my favourite style, were on sale: buy three for $24, get three free.  $4 a pair is a great buy.

I was very tempted.  If I found a bra (or two) I would have stocked up.  But, alas, I am not one of the one percent.


  1. Bras also come in "F" and "G" sizes... poor ladies their backs must really hurt! :)

  2. That's why they are on sale! A = ahhh, B = barely; C = Cute; D = Darn; DD = Double Darn; E = Enough; F = Fwarrr; G = GOSH

  3. Yes, bras are alway difficult!
    Always love a good VF sale :)

  4. Check out this Web site


  5. For those in California, Ross is a great place for bras. I found a nice $36 42B for $5.99 it fits great and is comfortable. They have a lot of weird sizes too but I've bought all my (5) bras there over that past couple of years... 42B is a rare find. I've usually had to settle for a 38B and get a strap extender... augh!

  6. Hi Zoe!

    We have Ross on the east coast too. I plan to check out the Ross/Marshall/TJ Maxx shops when I have a bit of time.


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