Monday, April 2, 2012

Sharon and Cynthia ~ Dinner

I never know what to write when I meet someone.  Someday, I'll meet someone and think, "why did I ever agree to meet her?  That was a mistake!"  But all of the girls I've met as Meg have been wonderful.  Sharon kept my streak alive.  And Cynthia didn't disappoint; I'll come to her soon.

I'll start by saying I am SO jealous of Sharon.  She's 5 foot 2 ~ she gets to shop in the 'petite' department.  She has a reasonable shoe size.  I think she said 8-1/2.  I admit, if my foot was smaller I'd have less money and less closet space because there are so many shoes I could not resist.  More than once, I've been in a store like The Shoe Dept and been thankful I didn't wear just one size smaller because I'd break the bank.

And she's pretty and passable and has a supportive wife.

AND she went up to Keystone last week: four days as Sharon.  Wow.  Just... Wow.  Maybe I can get her to write a little recap.

As we chatted over a Thai dinner, we discovered we had met once before, at Kim's private tg clothing swap.

We met around 7:30 and Cynthia's house party was to start at 7.  I wrote in advance to introduce myself and say we'd probably be there around 8:30.  We were way late and, Cynthia, I'm sorry we were so late but we were having a nice conversation and enjoying good food and, well, you know how girls can be.

We finally got the cheque, asked the waitress to take a couple of pictures (one is above), and headed to our respective parking lots and drove to Cynthia's.

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  1. Thanks for the compliments. Don't sell yourself short. You are pretty and have great taste in clothes. I look forward to our next outing together. And I know a few other ladies on our area who would like to join us sometime, perhaps at a mainstream place.


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