Thursday, April 5, 2012

Therapy the Sick

The family's been sick last week.  I picked it up Tuesday morning and had to skip the therapy session.  We'll have one next week and then take a scheduled week off.

In the interim, we discussed my dress-up time and opportunities a bit.  Interestingly, several weeks ago she mentioned that she'd like for me to have more Meg days.  I reminded her of this during a discussion a couple of days ago and she had no memory of this at all.



  1. As a part time woman you may understand the perogative that woman have to 'change their minds'.

    Here your wife has told you that she forgot that she had mentioned that you should have more 'Meg time'. I doubt she forgot but has simply changed her mind on that count and is going with the 'plausible deniability' approach.

    I do not envy you dealing with two therapists.


  2. Dear Meg, At this point, she is never going to accept Meg.
    this is so sad because this part of you makes you the wonderful person you are
    Diane on LI

  3. Meg- Hope you feel better!
    Weird about how she forgot that...!

  4. Selective memory failure, every woman has it, I am still working on that one ~


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