Monday, April 9, 2012

Another "Deal" Site

I don't know about this site.  I've been getting ads popping up for them on my favourite comics website ~ I hope I'm being targetted!  I'd hate to think the average kid looking for Snoopy is going to get ads for this site!

Oh yeah....  It's called  The prices don't seem outrageous, and they have helpful sizing charts and information as well as some videos which I haven't looked at yet ~ the website seemed to be having trouble when I was writing this post.

While you're there, keep in mind that my birthday's in less than two months and it looks like my "waist reducing size" corset would be a 26.  Like everything else that we wear that goes over the waist and hips, the ratio is never quite right.

A quick tip: if you look at, say, the waist training corsets it's easy to separate the overbust from the underbust (per your preference): if the bust looks like the corset here, it's overbust.  If it looks like a halter top, it's an underbust corset.

I'd like to get a serious corset, along with a serious assistant to help me wear the darn thing.  I'll be checking this site for deals and maybe the perfect, irresistible corset.  And I'll still check my favourite site for All Things Crossdressing, GlamourBoutique.  I hope to visit one of their stores someday.  Someday soon.

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  1. Ha, I hope you ARE targeted! :)
    Great tip on your present, hon!


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