Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sharon and Cynthia ~ We're Having a Party!

It's another day and I still don't know what to write when I meet someone.

It's A Trick!
Cynthia is tall, slim, pretty.  Her current situation is sad but typical.  We were at her new apartment because she's currently separated from her wife and two young children.

(Honest, Cynthia is as much taller than me as I am taller than Sharon.  It's just the camera angle.  I don't know why, but I didn't take more pictures.  I should have.  Next time, I shall.)

Cynthia had spoken to some women about coming over for a little housewarming and then opened that invitation to a local meetup group.  Sharon knows Cynthia, and said she'd come with a couple of friends (I was one).

BUT the other woman we spoke to (who also knows Sharon ~ I think she knows everyone) couldn't make it.  I certainly understand.  It takes that perfect storm to get me out of the house dressed, and it happens too rarely.

When we arrived at Cynthia's we were late (but not terribly late).  Cynthia was dressed to party.  Sharon brought in a dress to change into.  I had a different dress in my car, and if there was a group I probably would have changed.

But the other women all begged out for one reason or another.  So the party was Cynthia, Sharon, me, music, and some wine.

I felt bad that the party wound up being a little gabfest, but it meant I got to know Cynthia and Sharon better.

I planned on staying an hour.  Again, it was just hard to leave.  Sharon is fun, and Cynthia is fascinating.

So far, I'm proud to say I never met a t-girl I didn't like.  We all have different stories, different pasts, different preferences, and a common bond that's stronger than blood.  Cynthia, Sharon, Vanessa, Dorothy, Erin, Joannie, and the other girls I've left out ~ I have enjoyed every minute of our time together!  And SOMEDAY I will meet Diane, up in New York!

And I think we have a project: Sharon wanted to meet at a mainstream place.  We're alike there.

Cynthia hasn't been out yet, except with t-groups.

She needs to get out!  No doubt.  I think she's ready for that big step, and I think she'd love it.  She's very outgoing and I think she'd be outstanding at helping civilians see that we're pretty much normal people.


  1. I want to go to mainstream places. Gay bars are a safe environment to start out in, but I am ready for the next step. I want to build my confidence as a woman and to feel comfortable anywhere, anytime. I will still avoid situations that might be dangerous, but everything else is fair game. The more visible TG people are, the more the general public will realize we are not freaks or perverts.

  2. I have told you before that you write well.

    Write what you know and write what you feel and, if needed, review the events from the perspective of a reporter ~ who, what, when, where, why, how ~ and how do you feel about it.

    A good post and I wish you all many more outings.

    As she is sitting in your photo Cynthia looks totally passable, or at a minimum, blendable. I understand her concerns since I am 6' tall and am not willing to go out without my heels. At 6'3-6'4 I am simply a tall person. Like the high school football coach said "You can't coach speed", in the CD world you can only do so much with height.


  3. Thanks...sounds like a good time for those who were there! Wonderful ladies...Hoping I can make a meetup soon for my new club! :)
    Sara Elise


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