Thursday, April 26, 2012

Therapy the Break

The therapist is off this week.

I don't know if others have had the same experience, but I can no longer have conversations with my wife.  Maybe it's because she's a therapist, but now every talk turns to something psychological or relationship-related.  I know relationships take work, but it's reaching the pecked-to-death-by-ducks phase.  It's starting to get to the point where I don't want to say anything because it'll get turned into something good she's trying to do/something I should be doing/how everyone we know has the same "relationship dynamics"/what we're doing wrong with the kids/what was done wrong when we were kids/etc/etc.

There's a lot of turmoil, and it's very stressful and I need to find some sort of equilibrium so I can calm down a bit and maybe sleep better.

Towards that end, on Monday I resigned from my current job.

Did everybody just groan or is that my imagination?


  1. YOU DID WHAT ~ this seems a bit out of the blue, after all you don't seem to have been there very long. I do hope that you have or will soon find something less stressfull, suitably remunerative and satisfying ~ is there enough work to be self employed?

    Be carefull this could be another stick for your wife to beat you with. I don't want to make things worse as it sounds as though they are pretty bad already, sounds like you need a break.

  2. I'm not sure quitting your current job, and thus beginning a new job hunt (I presume), is a recipe to REDUCE the stress in your life right now.

  3. Meg, you are courageous and inspiring: if I had a job I’d do the same ☺ Communication with my beloved about my t-ness is equally difficult or rather totally obnoxious. We are talking about psychotherapy; it would make my state kind of official and that alone would be a big thing for her to acknowledge.

  4. Dear Meg,
    I am speechless - I have been so stressed out -I have quit a number of jobs . This can also cause more problems with your wife. You need to have a talk quick.

  5. Dear Meg, I’m truly sorry, you haven’t told us how stressful things have been lately. I’m sure it’s been really tough. I hope now telling US, helps you feel that we (your readers) DO CARE! for your advancement. Consider holding you head high, and plan where you want to be 6 months ahead! AND go for it. You have a future to change and happiness is all there! Be sure to remember, we are all herein, and are willing to help you, and support your future decisions anyway we can. Even if it’s private emails! You have strength in the ability to write about your thoughts and ideas! out to strangers (here) now you need to use the ability make the dream possible!

  6. A couple of thoughts. 1) I tried to find your post where you talk about your awareness of the importance of the Newtonian concept of inertia (a body at rest tends to remain at rest - you said it better - than me, not than Newton) - so I guess, once you're in motion... 2) you also mentioned in a previous post that you were thinking of including non-T material here. Unless you'll be going to your new job en femme (fun to contemplate, anyway), I guess your job news qualifies

    In any case, I hope your decision to leave your job works out well. Although there may be a lot going on in your life, if it makes sense to leave, then it's time.

  7. The above comments make it clear that your friends/sisters/readers know and understand the inner and outer Meg and that we care for your emotional, physical, social, professional and financial well being. Best of luck in the days ahead.
    Best Regards.


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