Saturday, December 13, 2014

More Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

Today is 12-13-14.  Not only does Friday the 13th fall on a Saturday this month, it's the last sequential day of the 21st century.  Next up is 01-02-03, in 2103.

I have something planned, Bob

More shoes and a (repeat) bonus at the end.  Between Friends, In The Bleachers (surprise!), Rubes, Speed bump, Real Life Adventures, Sherman's Lagoon, and a repeat from Howland and Churchy.

Churchy's full name is Churchill LaFemme but everyone calls him Churchy, which is how you'd pronounce the French CherchezCherchez La Femme literally means "look for the woman" and comes from a French novel.  The reference is to the fact that when there is a crime, or irrational or out-of-character behaviour and one needs to find a reason, "look for the woman."

I just think it's cute that his last name is "the woman."

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  1. Only in America, we had our last sequential date two days ago, but then we always are ahead of you.


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