Sunday, December 7, 2014


A package was recently delivered to Meg, from Amazon, via UPS.

On 21 Nov the Amazon status showed "delivered."  Details on the UPS website said it was left "in a garage" in Chapel Hill, NC.

First, I don't have a garage.  Second, I don't live in Chapel Hill.  Third, the package seemed to be in two places at once, neither of them near me.  It seems it was somehow cloned in Greensboro and teleported itself to Little Rock and left both places a few hours apart.  Then it arrived... somewhere.  It doesn't say where but it travelled to Chapel Hill and Dermott, AR so it could be delivered almost simultaneously.  I'm at a loss as to how it got to Baltimore 12 hours later, or where it came from or why it SHOT OVER MY HOUSE because northern VA is between Baltimore and those other cities.

Oh... I don't live in Springfield either, but the package did arrive.  Beaten and one item was dented but it did arrive.


  1. Not sure why or when the practice of leaving a package on the doorstep (of perhaps the wrong place) came to be, but it's not good... Epic fails like this wouldn't happen if they required a real signature from the recipient.

    Someone in NC wouldn't sign for a package for Meg in NoVA. At least I hope they wouldn't.


  2. Meg -

    What was in the package, and was it intact when it arrived?


  3. At one time I drove for a parcel delivery company, we were paid a bonus based on how many parcels we delivered, in order to earn a decent wage we had to deliver at least 200 parcels each day. To do that we had to leave the on doorsteps, behind pots and take all sorts of other short cuts.

    1. Ahhhh yes, piecework! Gee, I should'a figured that!

      The parcel delivery company must figure that paying claims for lost or misrouted merchandise is small potatoes, compared to the cost of paying a decent wage for accurate delivery...and hiring more drivers at the higher wage.

      It's a sign of the times! Right up there with shrinking the size of the candy bar, but keeping the price the same...or cutting the ounces of cereal in the box.


  4. I must disagree with Mandy. As often as not no one is at home during the day and if the rules require a signature for delivery we would never get anything. The nearest Fed EX depot is about an hour away and the nearest UPS depot takes 20 minutes without traffic. I have had to shlep to each to retrieve items that required signatures such as computers, my new cell phone, cases of wine, etc.
    I realize that stuff left on doorsteps could be taken but in my view it beats the alternative.


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