Friday, December 12, 2014

Latest Step in a Slow March

From Wednesday's Washington Post:

Air Force chief suggests transgender ban may eventually be lifted

Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James indicated Wednesday that she was open to reviewing the military’s ban on transgender service members.

“From my point of view, anyone who is capable of accomplishing the job should be able to serve,”  James told USA Today’s Susan Page. “And so I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t come under review.”


In the interview, James said the policy is “likely to come under review in the next year or so. So I think we should stand by, and times change, and we’ll just have to see what happens there.”

I think the "eventually" in the headline is misplaced.  I don't see her saying this is off in the distance.  Of course, I don't see a lot of certainty or a timetable either.

The article links to the interview video.

The full article is here.

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