Friday, December 5, 2014

Letters... We Get Letters...

So these posts are all related.  I order items on-line to be shipped to Meg Winters.  I always used my male name as my "bill to" but I can now use Meg as well.

Then the item arrives.  The postman (or UPS or FedEx etc) has no problem delivering letters or catalogues or packages to Meg as long as the apartment number is on the package.

But often a package will not fit in the mailbox.  Instead, I get a slip of paper telling me I have a package in the office.

None of the people in the office over the last two years have ever questioned that.  Currently, two women run the office. A couple of weeks ago, the woman at the desk said "the apartment is right, but the name is neither of yours [mine and Charity's].  I said "it's for us.  Is it a problem?"  She assured me it was not.  This is  the same woman who saw me in my Halloween costume and seemed to not know who I was.

But they both seemed curious about Meg.  I'm still not sure what to say.  Mostly, I don't want to say "well, that's me" to someone who has a key to my place.  I assume they are professionals who would never poke around for no reason, but who knows.

I might sidestep it in such a way that I'm not really telling a story.  If asked "who's Meg?"  I might say "did you know I have a bird?" and let her assume that's the bird's name and I'm ordering on her behalf.  Or if she doesn't make that jump, do tell a story: Meg watches the bird when we're away and it's hard for her to get packages at her place because they won't leave them so in exchange I let her get packages here.

Or I might just say "it's an alias" and explain an alias for me if pressed.

Or... well, if it comes up, I'll think of something.  And Meg seems to get her share of stuff, although my contract ends soon and she may be on an austerity budget for a bit.


  1. I would not give them an excuse to pry into your business unless you don't care, so say it's Charity's middle name or nickname.

  2. It would be much easier to just tell the truth. I doubt that they would be stupid enough to invade your privacy without just cause.

  3. What happened to "no more stories"

  4. Hi Meg

    Its your sister. When I am in male mode at my groups club house, the girls say its Diane's Brother.


  5. You could always tell her that you write stories for a hobby, and it's your "nom de plume" or pen name! Some things you buy come in your pen name, so you don't have to reveal your real name.

    Hey, that's right - you DO write stories! And it IS your pen that would be the truth! (But you still may not want to reveal that factoid...I can understand fully!)



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