Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Real or Not Real?

I'm not sure where I found this, but it's a two-page blog about someone (male) who decided he'd like to see life as a woman for a week.  His goal was to have a wedding gown and a boudoir photo shoot.

It sounds like he spent a fortune on his transformation yet he never spoke about cost.  The goal was two photo shoots but he never published any pictures.

It's an interesting read, but take it with a grain of salt.  Or a large salt lick, your call.  This link goes to page two; it's a bit annoying because the newer ones are at the top so you have to scroll down to the bottom and read up, then go to the bottom to access the "newer" link.


  1. I call fake, surely he's seen Andrej(a) modeling gowns when she was pre-transition.

    As for me, I'd never be a bride but would love to be a brides maid ;) Yes even in a dress I could never wear anywhere else again.

  2. I remember reading this some time ago and have kept waiting for the completion. There is much that somehow doesn't quite ring true, so many of the self imposed activities are not so much part of the day to day female experience that it feels more like playing at being a woman rather that living as a woman for a week. There is nothing of experiencing the day to day discrimination or abuse that makes up part of the lives of so many women, nothing of how it feels to walk into a strange bar on your own, to be assessed on how you dress or your appearance rather than your capabilities, or indeed shopping for groceries.

    A lot is about how the appearance of transition was created rather than how it felt to be treated as a woman, and as well as the missing pictures there is no real conclusion. What could have been an interesting insight ends up being rather disappointing.

    1. It's kind of the opposite of this:


  3. Meg -

    That was a very interesting link. But he still doesn't get the whole experience, because he's choosing to compress too much into too little time, and not experience enough of the mundane things we have experienced....


  4. I had followed that short lived blog post when it first came out and looked forward to each planned event. I seem to think that I thought it was the real deal back then and I tend to think so now. I was detailed and thoughtful. I suspect that the writer is one of us who came up with the 'project' as a form of cover to take a trip down the CD rabbit hole.
    On the other hand it could have just been wishful thinking on my part.

    1. Parts of it read too much like cd porn.

      And the wig would probably cost $500-$1000. Wedding gown? Another grand. There's no mention of money; what did the "consultants" cost?


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