Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I Did Not Know This

I'm guessing most of you know this, but I didn't know you can add anyone to your credit card as an "authorised user."

Some friends have cards with only their first initial so whether they go out as Sam Smith or Susie Wonder the can use the same S Smith card.  No-one needs to know that you're Susie today, or that Susie has adopted a different surname.

But I was poking around on the credit card website (I'll explain why tomorrow) and found the add authorised user page.

Now Meg has her own card.  She has the same card number and expiration and magic code as her male counterpart, but with a field of watercolour flowers as the card design....  Not that my card wouldn't work for Meg.

MaleSelf Card design

Meg's Card design


  1. Meg -

    I might just generate a Marian card that way, so that I can use the same charge card accounts in both my male and female modes.


  2. I asked about this at my building society a year or two ago, and sadly, it's no longer possible in Australia. The government regulations were changed a few years ago, and while it might have been possible before, it isn't now. :-(

    1. Can you get a first-initial-only card?

    2. Nope. Card has title (eg MR), first name and surname. The only way I could get anything else would be to legally change my name.

  3. Meg:

    Ain't it great! I discovered this a while back and think it's great. Rhonda has two such cards now. I recommend that you carry the boy mode card, too, as it matches your ID and would make explaining why ID does not match credit card much easier (an abundance of caution, granted).

    I love it when a wait person sees Rhonda's name on the card, adding doubt to those who may think they've read me.

    Not all card carriers will do an authorized user card w/o having a DOB and SSN for that person.

    Love your design choices!


  4. I've had a second card since my bank offered it a few years ago. I've never had a different picture, though. :)



  5. Now that is SLICK Meg!

    I'm going to have to look into this - thanks for the tip!

  6. This is great! Love the flowers. Marcia has her own card too. It saved me in Elliott bay Books in Seattle. I went to check out and was assisted by a make clerk. He checked me out pretty closely, and I could tell he was up in the air as to my gender. Voila! Out came the Marcia card, he looked at the name, kinda shrugged, ran the card and wished me a good day!


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