Thursday, December 4, 2014

Out? I'm Not Sure

Yesterday, I said I added Meg to my credit card.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a phone call from an unknown out-of-state number.  Generally, I ignore these calls ~ they're often junk ~ but it was convenient so I picked it up.  I can easily hang up on robocalls, and if it's a credit card or other business I have some stock responses.  If they say the call may be monitored I interrupt and say "I do not talk on recorded calls" and hang up.  If it's a bank or other institution I ask if there's a problem.  If they say no I respond "then I don't need to talk to you.  Thank you" and hang up.  I know they're doing a difficult job and I do try to not be rude, but they started it.  Oh... the second junk call from the same number goes to a catchall contact called JUNK DO NOT ANSWER with the Monty Python "spam" chorus as the ringtone. :)

In any event, I picked it up and answered as a I always do "Hello, this is ."

The caller said "Is Meg there?"


SOMETIMES (not often) I get calls from other t-girls but they're almost always in my phone already.  And I know no-one in Utah (where this call was from).  Colorado and Arizona, yes.  But someone could have moved, gotten a new number and called me from it.

But it's rare.  All of this went through my head in the half-second before I said "this is Meg.  Hi."

The woman on the other end acted as if I had said "this is Meg" from the start.  She wanted to confirm my address.  I had ordered something from her company the day before and she said the address came up "as an error."  I confirmed my address.

I don't think that was the actual problem though.  The problem was, the website had only a single address for shipping and billing.  Most places, when I enter my credit card information it wants the "exact name on the card" which is my male name.

Everything was right, except the package was to go to Meg.  I do this a lot.  More on that in a future post.

Immediately after I placed the order, my next stop was the credit card website to see if I could somehow add Meg.  As I said yesterday, I could also request a card for Meg.

I should have done that a couple of years ago.  I like when she seems more real.


  1. Meg -

    Please note that this is not a negative criticism, but only an observation which I can give from my life's experiences as Marian.....

    Be very careful of how you develop your Meg persona. As my Marian persona experiences more and more of the world, I find that I need to have more and more things that are solely Marian's (which will soon include a phone, with voice mail using Marian's voice for an announcement) and less that are shared.between the two persona.

    The reason for my alert is so that you may avoid the mistakes I've made. Consider getting cheap/inexpensive cell phone service from Freedom Pop or Republic Wireless that you use for those times you need a "Meg Only" phone number. I now need one for Marian's persona - as there are some people who know only Marian who may be put off hearing Mario's voice answer the phone....

    But watch out.... Meg is becoming much more real than you may realize - as Marian is for me. I'm aware of how real she is becoming, and trying to make sure her emergence into the real world is a healthy one - as I see for your development as Meg....


    1. Marian, funny how your comment and Paula's kind of make the same point.

      My phone lesson learned is, if it's an unknown number just say "hello." Or take a tip from my son who answers "may I help you."

      I am truly not sure if I come up with ways to make Meg more real or if she does. I'll have to ask the voices. :)

    2. Meg -

      Over time, I think that both of us, for our own reasons, will move much more toward the feminine than we expected when we put on our first dresses.

      Knowing things you've said in this forum, you have good reasons NOT to consider 24x7 in the near future. And my reasons would be the same - commitments which require us to be in our male modes.

      But I have one question - if you had nothing to stop you or hold you back, would you want to live your life as Meg or as her "evil twin brother"? In my case, I'd love to live as Marian 24x7.


  2. Most of the junk calls I get (and I get many of them each day) are robo calls. That is, there's no live person on the other end.

    I just set the received down next to the cradle and continue with whatever I was doing before the phone rang. I like to think I'm doing my part by making it slightly more expensive for them to run an operation like that.



    1. You could try pressing # or 0 or something... maybe it'll transfer you.

      When I get a "for help with internet say 'internet.' For help with your phone say 'phone...' I make random noises and funny... I usually get a person.


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