Monday, December 8, 2014

That's What Makes a Horse Race

Friday's post (Meg gets packages) started a bit of a discussion in the comments and e-mails.

Mandy, Stana, and Diane gave me some more options for sidestepping saying who Meg is; Paula took the opposite position by asking "what happened to 'no more stories?'" and Alice said "just tell the truth."

One great reason to always tell the truth is it's easier on the memory.  And Meg is as real as I want her to be; saying "she's not real" or she's someone else is obviously a story and makes her fiction.

"No more stories" grew out of the care - don't care spectrum.  And when I moved in, I expected that someday the people in the office would meet Meg sooner or later.  I don't sneak out; I go out through the main entrance no matter how I'm dressed.  The people in the office know Charity and if we're seen together someone will figure out the obvious.

But trans is still not a housing-protected minority.  I don't think my lease will allow them to toss me if they disapprove, but they might make it difficult for me to renew, or they might start looking for reasons to ask me to leave.

I have no reason to think either of the people currently in the office would have a problem with Meg.  But the previous office folk dinged us for having purple ribbons tied to the patio fence; we had to take them down.

So I want to be cautious but not hide.  And if no "Meg story" forces my hand, if one sees Charity and Meg and says "hi Charity" and looks at me I'll tell her I'm Meg.

Another vote for the truth.


  1. Meg -

    I'm glad that the truth won out.... Over time, it's a lot easier to be truthful than to concoct lies.


  2. Go for "nothing but the truth", but not necessarily "the whole truth"


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