Thursday, December 18, 2014

Well This Is Embarrassing

I have Things To Say, but not right now.

I haven't written about the cardmodel convention yet, but that's a one-day thing and I still haven't gotten around to looking at the pictures yet.

I have my mani-pedi and dinner from a few days ago but I need to organise that a bit more first.

I still haven't done the Renaissance festival from October (!) but I have to embargo that for another couple of weeks.

I bought a dress from a new vendor and want to write that experience up (spoiler alert: it was wonderful and I'd recommend them to anyone) but that's embargoed too.

I'll try to have something to write about tomorrow, but for tonight....


  1. Have a Grateful Day, Weir something nice, and enjoy Chanukah to the fullest. .

  2. Happy Holiday!!!!

    (Don't ask me to spell a word that has as many misspellings as Chaunnakkah! )


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