Monday, December 29, 2014

Forward, Into the Past ~ Introduction

Back in October, Charity and I went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

Last year, my friend Star supplied clothes for us from her copious collection.  This year, we were on our own, but I was (inadvertently) prepared.

A few months earlier, I purchased a long green velvet dress at a shop misnamed "Unique" (misnamed because there's a bunch of them).  It set me back $10 and I thought it was a cute dress, but the more I looked at it the more I thought it was really a Renaissance Faire dress, not a street dress.  It sat in my closet ever since.

The dress is a bit longer than mid-calf but not really "Renaissance length."  I grabbed several maxiskirts and found one I liked that went well with it as an underskirt.

We went on the final day of the Renfest, and it was kind of chilly.  It wasn't horribly cold, but it was brisk.  Charity had the makings of a more realistic Renaissance costume than I did, and she gave us each shawls for warmth (and style!).  I also decided on my "regular" guy sandals (which are from the women's side of the aisle).  Heels are contraindicated for gravel and grass, and with sandals I could wear tights (green, to match the dress).  With, say, flip-flops, I would have had to go barelegged.

There was a long line of cars entering the festival, and a long line at the ticket window.  I continued my Meg-comfortable kidding and suggested to the girl behind the counter that I was considering a season pass but "that's probably a bad idea" (again, last day).

The final day, I discovered, is also "wrong day," where people kind of break with the real Renaissance Festival spirit.  There were a few guys wearing female medieval dress but not at all attempting to pass, and there were a LOT of kilts.  Members of the 501st Legion were wearing their full Stormtrooper regalia... with kilts.  There were costumes more suited for Halloween than 16th century England (a Star Trek Q was there).

501st Legion.  Click to enlarge

We went to a few shows and a lot of shops.  I was hoping to find some candlesticks but struck out.

I bought a couple of "official" Renaissance Faire ceramic wine goblets (purple), a roll ring (which involved a long discussion with the guy running the booth), and a bodice (long fairly funny story, coming soon).  I also bought Charity a ring, but she returned the favour so we evened out.

I also picked up some "Ribbon Fryes" and was asked by a civilian what it was.  I told him and where to get it.  I was caught off guard and a bit nervous and I realised I do need to get more comfortable in unplanned interactions with men.

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