Thursday, December 11, 2014

Later, That Same Day... Wig Shopping!

While in Alexandria, we visited a wig store.  To reiterate, I was in drab.

We went to one a couple of weeks earlier but I had a bit of sticker shock.

I know wigs are pricey, but I didn't expect the bottom-of-the-line ones to cost $170, many cost $250 to $300, and they had some over $1000.

With prices in mind, we went to one of the two wig shops in Alexandria.  It turns out it was the more expensive one, but they had nicer wigs.  Most were $150 to $250; they had hand-woven wigs for about $500.  They looked Really Good.  You could lift up the front and it looked like you were looking at hair growing out of your own personal scalp.

We walked in and started looking at the wigs on the shelves.  The saleslady was very chatty.  She looked at my bag and said "I have the same purse!  I like it because it can hold my cell phone!"  I've been kind of expecting that someone would think "I have the same purse" but didn't expect anyone to say it.  I found it surprising and amusing.

As we looked, she looked at me and said "is it for you?"  I was surprised and hesitated, which probably made her worried for a second but I said "yes" and she said she had "thousands" of male customers buy wigs.  I attribute the "thousands" to the fact that English was not her native tongue and she was confused. :)

I bought a wig; pictures in a week or two.

One funny thing: a group of teen/20somethings came in and wanted to try on a wig while I was sitting in the back (which was clearly visible to the people in the rest of the store).  The only saleswoman in the store was helping me and when informed one wanted to try on a wig to "see how she'd look as a blonde," the saleswoman said trying on wigs cost $10.  She had said nothing to me about that; I guess she knows a serious buyer from someone looking for entertainment.

We picked a wig which I liked except the hair dipped over one eye, obscuring it completely.  The saleslady pulled out a hairstyling bib and proceeded to cut the bangs.  I had made no commitment to buying the wig; I thought that was a rather strange move on her part.

While she was playing with the wig, another shop worker came in and was standing next to us, looking at some things; I wasn't paying attention to what.

I decided to buy the wig, the saleswoman whipped it off and the other woman let out a gasp and said "you should wear that all the time!  It took off 30 years!"

Maybe I should.


  1. Hi Meg:

    Sounds like a good wig shopping experience. Was this one of the side-by-side wig stores in Alexandria on King Street? Since it's clearly T-friendly, you should share the name with your loyal readers. Personally, I've got too many ill fitting wigs bought on-line. I need a place such as you describe, as do many others who find getting the right wig problematic.

    Can't wait for the photo so we can see the new Meg look.

    Kind regards,

  2. The only time I bought a wig (in a shop) they had a special area that was away from the shop and could n been seen from the street or the shop, I'm not sure if this was exclusively for their "special" customers, but I subsequently found out that girls like us formed a lot of their business.

  3. 30 years!!
    Can't wait for the pictures. Even 10 would be nice.:-)


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