Monday, December 15, 2014

A Solution Exists!

About a month ago, I wrote about back zips, how much I liked them.  Comments and e-mail confirmed that I'm not alone in that enjoyment.

In comments, Alana mentioned that she liked back zips but had trouble sometimes.  I do too.  I used
from Prima Productions
to be quite flexible and I could easily zip up then grab the tab from the top and pull it up the rest of the way.

I suggested to Alana:

If the problem with the dress is you can't reach (not that it needs squeezing) you can tie a piece of string to a safety pin. Put the pin through the zipper head (there's always a hole, right?) and CLOSE THE PIN. Then pull the string over your shoulder. When it's all the way up, remove the pin. Voila!

But I idly googled zipper helper and found sites like PrimaProductions and  ZipMeUp and a do-it-yourself solution and other products sold on Amazon and other merchants.

I like the idea of home-made, but for style and a more femme solution look at the products.  Then pick up that LBD.


  1. No - all zipper heads do not have a hole, but there are other ways to get it done:

  2. Or, do yoga until you have the flexibility to do the zip up without a string, etc.. ;-)

  3. Great find Meg. I think part of the problem is the fabric was a little stiff. Since I put a few more hours in that dress, it's a little easier to zip up and down.

  4. I have used the string and safety pin to zip up my dress and it works most of the time. But I still love to have someone zip me up, it is such a feminine feeling to have to ask someone, and such a feminine feeling to have someone doing it.


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