Friday, September 5, 2014

Up In Arms

Again a week ago, I did a serious upper-body wax and shave.  Arms and underarms were wiped clean, back was stripped using a Veet wax (which worked pretty well), brows were trimmed and waxed using a Sally Hansen facial wax, which also worked pretty well.

The Veet was something I had not seen before: wax between strips.  You held it between your hands to warm it, then separated it into two waxed strips, and applied it gently to your body.  They you yank it off, whilst screaming.

The Sally Hansen wax needed to be heated in the microwave and had no cloth strips.  You heated the wax until it was only slightly warmer than molten lava, then you applied it to the area you want to clear cut.  Finally, you wait a moment until the hair stops smoking and, again, yank the wax off, whilst screaming.

I still won't wax my chest.  That seems fairly painful and even though chest hair seems to grow an
inch an hour, it's not worth it.  My waxylady kept suggesting I let her do my chest and I told her my belief that it would be painful.  She nodded solemnly and said she'd seen tears on the faces of "tough guys with tattoos" while waxing their chests.  (I also asked her what she liked best of all of the things she did at the salon and she said "waxing."  I said "you just like to cause pain" and I was rewarded with that solemn nod again.)

I like the way my body feels and looks when hairless.  I wish it wasn't so much work, and I wish that it lasted longer.  But I had a reason for serious shaving/waxing.

I spent a few days in a beach area, and that meant Meg would be wearing beach attire for the first time.


  1. Why does chest hair grow at three ties the rate of any others?

    I too have a holiday coming up which could (if I let it) give opportunities for beachwear, so I will be very interested to hear how you got on.

  2. Meg -

    Assuming I still have a money stream, I will choose Laser for hair removal over short term waxing - but this may not be an option available to me for much longer, as I'm already starting to turn gray on my head. I've shaved my arms, legs, chest, and back for so long, that I don't know whether I'm gray there as well.



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