Monday, September 29, 2014

At the Beach ~ An Aside

Tuesday at the beach, Charity and I stopped in a toy store where we picked up a couple of games for us.  Mostly, the store was very kid-oriented.  Charity is more of a game geek than I am, and she spoke at length with the clerk whereas I just interjected with opinions of games every now and then.  I also walked around the store and found components for a play kitchen.

That's not unusual.

What was unusual was, every box showed a boy playing with the kitchen.  There was not a girl in sight.

Stupid me, I didn't take a picture of that section of the store.  But it kind of looked like this:

and it reminded me of this:

We're making progress!  Maybe if more boys learned it's OK to play in the kitchen, there would be fewer sons living in their mom's basement after college.

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