Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Give Up

Before going to the beach, I was up for hours trying to figure out how women in one-piece bathing
It's all got to go!
suits use the bathroom without basically stripping completely.  And if you're wearing a dress over that, you'd have to take off the dress so you can remove enough bathing suit (ie, basically all of it) to do your business.

I finally figured it out.

You can't.  That's what the ocean is for. :)


  1. Ummm, that's a great problem to have!!!?

  2. Meg -

    I had lunch with a GG today and posed the question of "how do you go?" And she said that she moves the fabric out of the way - and goes. It's still a pain to rearrange herself. But without having to tuck things away, moving the fabric out of the way is easy, but awkward at the same time....


  3. When I was on vaca last year and was wearing a swimsuit daily, I asked my wife about that. She demonstrated how (sit on john, legs apart, use one hand to pull fabric aside, water the flowers) to do it correctly, then said "You can always just pee in the pool, too."

  4. Meg, you look fabulous in that suit and wrap. As for you solution, it kind of reminds me of the WC Fields quote as why he won't take water.


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