Thursday, September 4, 2014

Not Waxing That. Nope. No Way. Not Gonna Do It.

A week ago, in preparation for an extended Meg time, I shaved my legs.  I shaved every hair I could see while wearing panties and then moved them aside and shaved a bit more.

I tried something some of you have done, but many have not: I wore a swimsuit.

Often, it's hard to find the right article of women's clothing to wear, usually because they want to

This is the one I bought.
show something I don't really have to show (cleavage), or don't really want to show (bra straps, tummy), or I have to shave too much to show (backless gowns).

Swimsuits are difficult because I have to find one that will both hide my forms and keep them in place.  There are suits with molded bras which hold their shape even if empty, but sometimes the cups collapse if you move in unexpected ways.  That's kind of embarrassing.

After trying to keep my forms covered in different styles unsuccessfully, I turned to mastectomy suits.  These are more expensive, which sucks for women who need them.  In reality, they are just suits with a higher front (not an uncommon style) and a little piece of fabric with a pocket for a form.  I guess they charge more because they can.

I ordered the suit shown here from  It arrived pretty quickly and looked better in person than on their website.

The suit I ordered has a small "skirt" front and fits quite well.  It's not the suit that would attract my eye if I was on the beach, but it would serve its purpose.  And nice as it is to be noticed, I don't really want to attract eyes.  Or so I say.

I put in my "overnight" forms, which are more firm than the ones I usually wear and I think it looked OK.... once I did that excessive shaving bit.  But I like the way my regular clothes feel over shaved legs, and now that feeling went all the way UP.  It was worth the extra time.

But there are limits to what I'm going to wax!


  1. I get everything from the waist down waxed every 6 weeks. If you haven't tried it, you don't know what you're missing. It's far more comfortable without hair, and the regrowth is far less irritating that the sharp edges of shaved hair... :-)

  2. One answer to the breast form issue is to use Hollister medical adhesive. It won't hold the forms to your chest without any support, but it will keep the forms attached to you within the suit. The adhesive with actually survive swimming, at least on me. Waxing is highly recommended, as is silicone base foundation (Revlon Colorstay and Almay TLC) and waterproof eyeliner/mascara. You won't want to go back to trunks ever again.

  3. Meg, that is a super idea going with that type of bathing suit!

    And it sounds like fun! Would love to hear how your extended Meg time goes, especially if you end up wearing your new bathing suit out!

    I had played with gluing my forms on with medical adhesive to wear a strapless sundress. My second try worked, but that glue stays on forever. It was still on my skin for days after. But it was so worth it!

    Have fun!!

  4. Congratulations in taking the Plunge so to speak with your new bathing suit. This summer I too have made my first move to the pool. I found a nice two piece skirted bottom and tankini top from JCPenny. It was quite the thrill going to the neighborhood pool en fem. The biggest problem I had was that my breast forms kept trying to float right out of the top of my suit. I didn't use any adhesives the first time as I thought the snug fitting molded cups would hold them in place, which they did quite well on dry land. Thanks to your followers comments I will next go out and try these medical adhesives. One thing that I did not anticipate, was the resulting tan line the tankini top left on my torso. One look at that and I knew that I would not be going bare chested in boy mode for the rest of the summer. Ha Ha

  5. Barbara's comments from long ago still give the best visuals! Her breast forms floating out the top of her suit (!), and that hawt tankini tan line :)
    Meg, i do love that suit, good choice. Glad it turned out even better on you! (i have a gold lame one-piece with high side legs. Sadly, i'm not shaving, so it's just for occasional inside fun. Maybe i need a sun lamp!!
    sara elise


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