Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Last Wednesday, I mentioned that I always pause at the end of a note so I don't send e-mails with the wrong signature.  It's not the only time I have to make sure I don't mix me and Meg.  I also try to avoid underclothes that may be discovered, if I don't want them to be discovered.  As I've said before, outing yourself can be a good thing.  Being outed... not so much.

If I'm wearing a thin shirt I will wear a tank-type undershirt.  If it's very thin, the under garment will probably be white.  I also avoid strappy camisoles under my shirt if I'm going to be in a touching situation.  That just requires a bit of anticipation and planning, although at work I sometimes encounter someone who likes to pat backs.

It also requires paying attention.

A few weeks ago, I went to a client's office to help back up and shut down their systems before they moved out-of-state.  They're kind-of friends, who I've met socially and we often talk about family and such when I'm working on their equipment.

It is the male part of the couple's office where I was needed, but I've helped and chatted with both.  I wore the clothes I wore to my day jobs: dress pants, girl socks and sneakers, my usual jewelry, and a button-down shirt over a cami over a bra.

Both partners were at the office.

I did what needed to be done and the wife decided I couldn't leave without a hug.

I haven't heard anything else (except a request for how to set up at the new location) so I don't know....  Outed or not?  And does it really matter?


  1. Possibly outed. But maybe not. Sometimes people are diverted by other events in their lives...and to outsiders, it appears that they have been "distant." Been there, seen that.

    Does it matter? Only you can answer...FWIW, my take on it is that it doesn't... YMMV.


  2. I wear panties and pantyhose under my slacks almost every day. I feel as if I have some control over sitting in a fashion that the pant leg does not get above the height of my sock.
    In the cooler weather I will often wear a cami and/or bra under my 'heavier' shirt or perhaps top my shirt with a sweater or vest. I have been subjected to the unanticipated pat on the back and surprise hug and left the encounter wondering if I had been outed. My wife has hugged me on enough occasions and felt my bra straps to not be too long as it is on a weekend when it is not likely that others will be finding out my secret underclothes.

  3. The last few coming out posts I've read were all good outcomes, so if she picked up on you, I'm sure you are accepted by her.

    Maybe they already realize but are the types that won't bring it up unless you do for fear of embarrassing you?


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