Monday, September 1, 2014

Games Are Still Fun

Even if I'm not in my preferred mode of dress.

Saturday was a Star game day.  I was still digging out from my short trip to the left coast and I was forced to trade three hours of getting Meg dressed/getting Meg undressed for other more mundane things.

Note: Star's is not a t-event, but Meg usually goes.  I've been there in drab and had people say "I don't think we've met."
In fact, it was a jumping t-weekend. 

Thursday night, there was an informal t-get-together.

Friday night, there were two local events: a group of ladies from the main group are going to a club in DC and a new group is going to a drag show, also in DC.

Saturday the GLBT board game group is having an unusual weekend get-together.  I joined them once, just to ensure T were represented. :)  There are also two more small get-togethers in DC.

There seem to be more and more events.  The groups have hundreds of members.

I had other plans, once I got last week unraveled.  But my free time Saturday was spent unpacking and doing fun things, like paying bills and seeing what the trip actually cost.

I hope everyone's enjoying Free-From-Labour Day today.  I'll be out doing things to write about later in the week.  YAY!

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