Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Come Monday, It'll Be All Right

The Jimmy Buffett song begins:

Headin' out to San Francisco
For the Labor Day weekend show

I just came back from San Francisco and Monday at the beach was Labor Day.  So there.

I was comfortable being out in my swimsuit.  I thought I might be self-conscious, but I was not.  I suppose, being out in a variety of clothing I'm not accustomed to over the past few years has eliminated my anxiety over being out in different attire.  I suspect, other than the "I need to shave EVEN MORE" issue, I would have been OK in a two-piece swimsuit.

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I left my flip-flops at the hotel.  It was a short walk to the beach and I didn't see a need to wear shoes I'd just take off when I got to the water anyway.

I admit I did work hard to ensure everything was, um, in place before leaving the hotel.  I didn't want stray hairs showing even though there was a little skirt in front of the suit.  I didn't seriously overthink it....  I figured, it's late in the day and late in the season and I DID do a lot of shaving where I've never shaved before.  The beach should be quiet and if anyone wants to "girl watch" there will be much better viewing targets than me.
It wasn't really a different feeling wearing a swimsuit.  I've worn other (under)garments that covered just the areas the suit covered.  I've worn a leotard, for instance (although not out).  Panties and a camisole are not much different than a swimsuit, for covered area.  If I had any, I think I could even go with showing some cleavage.  Going out was more an "it is OK to wear this outdoors" attitude shift than anything else.  My normal dressing mode is "modest".  I see people (mostly women) walk to the curb taking out the trash or taking in the newspaper in pajamas or a nightgown or a robe.  I don't have that level of comfort.  It is difficult for me to just walk out of the apartment (to take out the trash, only a few feet from my front door) in my house slippers.  I've opened the door to bring in the newspaper wearing my nightie but that's also a comfort-zone stretch.

before going to the Port O' Call
So the difference was going out in what to my mind is underwear.  And although I would never open my door wearing just a bra and panties, as I said, I don't think I'd have a problem wearing a bikini or tankini.
I am not a swimmer, but the water was warm and we waded and splashed a bit and got wet when we didn't see the big waves coming and had another nice long walk, this time in the opposite direction from Sunday's.  The difference between yesterday and today was, I didn't care how wet I got, which was nice.  The same crowd ~ families, fishermen, other walkers ~ were there.  Same crowd, different faces.

When the sky started to get dark and we got hungry we decided to head for a restaurant just up the street called Port O' Call.  Another stretch: a swimsuit on the beach is one thing but a swimsuit "in town" required another stretch.  I wouldn't walk into a restaurant in a swimsuit but felt comfortable with a lace cover dress that was pretty short and very see-through.  And it was a couple of block walk to the restaurant.

For the record, I did put shoes on before going out to eat.


  1. You look fabulous, and it sounds like you had fun! Ready to do it again?!

  2. Meg. The most difficult thing for me when I really started going out was coming to the realization that people generally see what they expect to see. In your swimsuit, with or without your coverup, you have the shape and overall appearance of a woman. That what they're going to see unless you act in a way that draws attention.

    Having Charity at your side is, I'm sure, very calming and also helps with your illusion. Two women strolling the beach or prowling the shops in town is as remarkable as the fact that we eat lunch at lunchtime - it's assumed normal.

    I've been Rhonda on my boat, sun bathing on the bow in full view of other boaters, but have not done the beach yet. I'm envious. I did manage to get some girl appropriate tan lines this summer and love it. Must be careful around my guy friends, and it limits going swimming in drab, but definitely worth it!

    (Sorry I missed the event this past Sat night, from the pics it looks like an awesome turnout.)

    Always my best.

  3. I like your point that the more you get out and about the more comfortable you feel getting out and about. You dress nicely for the time and place and are mindful of your age and presentation. That is all good whether you are clocked or whether you pass.
    I am so glad to see you getting out and about and feeling good in your skin regardless of your attire.

  4. Meg -

    You were making the same decisions a natal female would make regarding dressing at the beach... The use of a coverup dress that covers nothing is exactly what any woman would do if she didn't want to totally strip and get dressed again....


  5. Believe it or not, I actually got the title quote, Meg. :)




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