Thursday, September 25, 2014

Inlets and Outlets, Part II ~ Inlets

Shana Tovah to the members of the tribe out there!

After scoring the pottery, we headed back over the bridge to the Outer Banks proper.  We headed south instead of north, to stop at the Oregon Inlet.  We kind of overshot it and drove down the island a bit, then turned around and parked near the marina on the inlet.  We walked around, looking at boats and enjoying the sunshine.

By now, lunch was definitely overdue and dinnertime was approaching fast.

Charity and I both enjoy games and I knew there was a game/toy shop on the way back.  We stopped and looked around.  It seemed to be mostly kid stuff but there were some games for non-kids in a rear corner.  The store was pretty empty but we talked games with the guy behind the counter and picked up a couple because, somehow, we neglected to bring a game or two on the trip.  And new games are always welcome anyway.

Before we left, we asked about places to eat.  He suggested a couple that were along the beach, on the way back to the room.  We stopped and skipped the first one he suggested, but stopped and dined at the second, The Red Drum Grille and Taphouse.

It was quite crowded, but I'm getting used to crowds.  I people-watch; in return, they ignore me.

I did what's becoming normal: chatting and joking with the waitress, and basically being a normal restaurant patron.  And, again, I was treated as such.

Being a short, straight drive to the hotel, I had a mixed drink.  Being a restaurant on the beach, I had the fish and chips.  Both were good.

We returned to the hotel after dark and played one of the new games in the room instead of taking a walk on the beach.  And it was a good night to get to bed early.  Tomorrow would be the long drive back to Annandale.


My day is brighter when I hear from my friends!