Friday, September 19, 2014

Ruby Tuesday, Me Mateys!

2005 Meg!
HAPPY TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!  I was goin' t' run th' whole post through a translator but, lucky fer y'all, I decided agin it.
I remember when I first went out dressed with my makeup lady (ten years ago!).  She wanted to stop for cigarettes at a 7-11 just down the street from my house.  When we stopped, I went into the store with her, which surprised her.  She thought I'd be leery of stepping out so close to home.

As we drove on, she asked me to try to use my best girl voice.  I declined.  I was out wearing a dress, makeup, wig, and heels but I felt like she'd laugh at me if I tried to use my girl voice.  I even mentioned that to her, and we discussed it but my voice remained hidden.

When I went out by myself the first few times, it was to a mall.  I'd go into a shop and be greeted by the woman behind the counter and I'd mouth a response, and assume she'd think she couldn't hear me over the ubiquitous music.  I never bought anything and I'd smile in reply when she'd offer a "come again" or something similar when I was leaving.

Tuesday morning, we went to a local pancake house.  There were two "Stack 'Em High Pancakes" franchises on the island, one about a mile south of us, one about four miles north.  We wanted to head south after breakfast and also wanted the option of heading back to the hotel to freshen up so we chose the closer one.

It was quite crowded and definitely not an IHOP.
2015 (2 Sep to be exact) Meg!

We were greeted by a very loud woman when we came in, who asked if we'd ever eaten there before.  We said no and she explained that we can pick up cold drinks and some other cold items along a cafeteria-style strip and order food at the end by the register.  There we'd get a number and our food would magically appear shortly.

When we got to the register, Charity gave her order to the woman at the register and I said to her "I'll have the usual."  She said "honey, I see 700 people here every day.  I don't know what your usual is."

OK, she gets points for not saying "I think I'd remember you" or something similar.

I said "that's OK.  I've never been here before" which got a good laugh.  By the way, I do that occasionally.  Don't steal my lines!

I continued to kid around with her as we ordered and moved on  to our table with a number to inform the staff where we were sitting.

There are two rooms in this restaurant.  One is the main room which was pretty full and had the counter and such in it.  On the side was a smaller, mostly empty room.  We sat there, mostly because it was quieter.  There were windows to the outside and a pass-thru next to our table so we could see the main room.

A waiter or busboy came up behind me and said "would you beautiful ladies like some more coffee?"  To his credit, I DID have my back to him, but I can pretend, right?

I joked with the waiter, and our waitress who's name I didn't recall but I did ask her where she was from ~ she had an Eastern European accent ~ and she said Czechoslovakia.  After that, I referred to our waitress as "Check."

We chatted whenever she'd come back to the table.

This is what I normally do in drab, an activity known as "embarrassing your kids."

I decided that I'd like to come back here the next day, just to see if the waitress/woman at register remembered Meg.  Not remembering is better, but I also drew attention to myself so I kind of wanted to know.

Other diners came and went; we lingered a bit because we were going to head to an outlet mall and it was still a bit early, and we were having fun there.  No-one gave us a second look.

It was a fun and different (for Meg) start to the day and I was looking forward to the next stop.


  1. It is wonderful that you are becoming comfortable enough to allow more and more of your flippant and irreverant guy style to blend into the out and about Meg.

  2. Embarrassing your kids is one of the main advantages of parenthood. I'm told that dancing s always a good way, but I don't dance.

  3. Meg, I have found that female speech patterns and word choice are more important than the pitch. For example, varying the pitch for emphasis, rather than the volume.

    Love your 2005 picture. :)




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