Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Who Said It Was a New Usage of the Word?

I thoroughly enjoy the books of P. G. Wodehouse.  I recently read Something Fresh, which was written in 1915.

Ashe Marson answers an ad for someone looking for adventure.  The job Mr Peters (the "little man" in the excerpt) was offering appeared to be valet.  Ashe declined, wanting adventure not a valet's position.  They are not getting along.

'Don't be a damned fool,' said the little man.  'Of course I'm not asking you to be a valet and nothing else.'

'You would want me to do some cooking and plain sewing on the side, perhaps?'

Their eyes met in a hostile glare.  The flush on the little man's face deepened.

'Are you trying to get gay with me?' he demanded dangerously.

'Yes,' said Ashe.

The answer seemed to disconcert his adversary.  He was silent for a moment.

This was, as I said, 1915.


  1. Seems you and I have a few interests in common - expressing our femme side, boardgames, comics, Wodehouse. Also sounds like a great little seaside vacation en femme, with a good friend. Who could ask for more?

    1. You don't have to be a stranger. You can write me at .


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