Friday, September 12, 2014

Sunday Evening at OBX

OBX is the local abbreviation for the Outer Banks.  If you see a car with a "country" sticker (you know, the ovals with three letters) that says OBX, it ain't a country.

It was past check-in time now and we went to the hotel.  I had to show my (male) ID and credit card to the woman at the desk who greeted us warmly and explained everything we needed to know about the hotel in pretty much the same tone and words as the other woman behind the counter used on the other checker-inner to our right.  And she ignored the ID mismatch.

I asked her what was available for breakfast, and what restaurants were nearby, and we went up to our rooms.

My room, by the way, was NOT t-friendly.  Or girly-girl friendly.  The lighting was poor, the bathroom had a pedestal sink with a curved top so it was hard to keep anything on it.  The only useable surface in the bathroom was on top of the toilet tank.  Even just brushing teeth required bringing in the brush and paste, doing the task, and bringing both out again.  For a beachfront hotel, there was no place to lay wet things flat, or hang them up.  There were a couple of wooden Adirondack chairs outside the room, on the common walkway between rooms, and some people laid their wet towels there but I wouldn't want to lay a wet bathing suit there, especially one that had the addition of expensive breasts!
For dinner, we went to a crowded (and not very good) barbecue joint.  This was the type where you order and pay at a window, then sit down and wait for your food.

As I've said before, I people-watch and the only person I saw even remotely interested in us was the older woman I mentioned previously who seemed to be unhappy with the presence of someone not like her.  I don't care.  I'll outlive her.

This was Meg's first big public event of the trip and it went smoothly.

It wasn't that late, so we went for a walk on the beach.  I didn't change into my suit; I just wanted to
See?  Post mani-pedi
spend a few minutes on the sand before the sun went down.  We walked maybe a mile up the beach and back down.  We edged past fishermen and other couples or groups or families walking and playing on the sand and in the surf.

We also went to an even more crowded place to grab some frozen custard.  It was like the kind of place you'd find on the beach in many cities, although this shop was a couple of blocks off it.  There was a window where you order, and another where you pick up.  There were a few places to sit down (more benches than tables) and a long line of families and high school/college age kids.  Kids of that age make me a bit nervous but again, everything was fine and they were all more interested in themselves than an older woman in their midst.


  1. Meg:
    Love the adventure. So far everything seems to have been fabulously normal. Your casual beach photo leaning against the jetty (or whatever it is) is one of your most feminine photos. You've really got your girl on . . . relaxed in confident comfort in who you are, exuding your femininity.


  2. I like to use my business travel to dress up at night and get out and about. On a recent trip I checked into the hotel and upon getting to my room noted that it had a pedestal sink. I went back to the front desk and asked for another room that had a sunken sink in a counter. I needed the space to spread out my makeup. Additionally the light in the bathroom with the pedestal was more suited for a romantic mood than makeup application.

  3. Meg -

    Looking good!!!!

    From your hotel experience, you've learned what I learned a while back - a good hotel room is GG friendly. Any room comfortable for cis-gendered women will be comfortable for us....



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