Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Alana! Stupid Me: No Picture!

I like surprises.  A blog reader I had never heard from before, Alana, contacted me out of the blue and said she was going to be in the DC metro area.  I was unable to dress to meet her, but we were able to organise our schedules to meet.

Alana was out for only the third time, and definitely more comfortable with being out than I was at that point.  Rain poured as we walked from car to restaurant; I gave the umbrella to the ladies and let myself get soaked running from tree to tree.

We had a nice dinner with a waitstaff that acknowledged proper genders (or didn't notice) and patrons

I forgot, but she took this the night before in her hotel room.
who didn't care.  One advantage of being in drab and accompanying a dressed friend is you can easily observe others observing her.  Almost always, people are absorbed in their own lives and don't even notice others, much less care.

She's one of many who can't dress at home so have to pack extra when travelling.  One can only hope that will change.  And I hope Alana gets to meet Meg next time she's in town.

And, Alana, I hope you're practicing with those heels!


  1. Glad you were able to meet up...and to know that there are a lot of other girls who aren't able to fully express their feminine side in front of their spouse.

    I hope Alana reads this - you look very nice, girlfriend! Maybe some day we can work out a meet up!


  2. Thanks for meeting me on such short notice. My trips to the area are not regular, although this wasn't my first either. You and Charity's company were greatly appreciated. I will keep working on walking in heels, but this was the first time I had a problem with them slipping off, and I got the slightly tighter size too. I spent most of the day dressed, even got some complements shopping later in the evening. But I did have to slip out of my pumps and into my black trainers.


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