Monday, September 8, 2014

"Any exciting things happen?"

"Don't ask, can't tell" rears its ugly head once again.  At our weekly staff meeting on Thursday, the
big boss asked "how was Labour Day?  Did any exciting things happen?"

Nobody had anything really interesting.  I think "I went to the beach and spent four days exclusively dressed as a girl" would have won.

Espresso Chip.
I whispered to  the girl "I think I need rainbow sprinkles."
During the four day visit, there was not a single misused pronoun, not a bad comment or even a frown from the people I dealt with.  I did make one little girl cry, but that's because I didn't see her and I bumped into her and she fell onto her tush (you know how toddlers do that when they lose their balance... plop!).  But another preschooler gave me a big wave and a "HI" when we unwittingly walked past her official greeting station.  At a restaurant, one older woman was glaring at me from several tables away.  She seemed to be trying to rouse the rest of her clan to whatever indignity she imagined she saw.  They were unimpressed to the point of not even looking up.


  1. LOL! We all should be going with rainbow sprinkles!

    You look great in that photo Meg! I'm glad to hear that this was such a successful trip, and I'm sure that lady is "just that way" to everyone the way you describe the rest of her parties lack of reaction.

    Take care!

  2. You don't trust the new policy for government contractors? Also, as transgender we're covered by case law for gender discrimination. See the link:

    1. Alana, I do not. Although as I wrote once before, on the company "HR self-service" page I can change my gender!

    2. LOL, self service gender change. Did you write that app Meg? Spent part of today taking EEO/Anti-Discrimination training. Several times during the training it was mentioned that Transgender/Gender Identity issues fall under Title VII sex discrimination. I doubt my coworker picked up on that, he just heard Leagal-eese and arbitration is the preferred method of the Don. I think I'll wait until I see a therapist and get diagnosed before I start coming out at work, even though I want to, to some people, pretty badly.

  3. So, here's the big question (use it for a post, if you wish): if circumstances allowed, on the 5th day, would you have awakened, done your face, picked out a nice outfit, and let Meg out for another entire day?

  4. Annie, absolutely. Maybe. Possibly. I think.

    Dam. I don't know! But I think I'll try Keystone next spring.


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